Dancing on the Elephant

When Nora Neily gets dropped off at the nursing home by her frustrated, guilt-ridden son, she’s sure her life is pretty much done. That is, until a spunky, memory-challenged former acquaintance named Edna Buchanan wheels into her life and reminds her that it ain’t over till it’s over. The two kindle a friendship based on their love of Fat Archies cookies, disdain for chair-xercise, and Edna’s quest to escape the “fox farm.” Unfortunately, Edna’s failing memory eventually lands her in the secure “memory care” wing, leaving Nora to plot one last grand adventure in hopes of reminding her friend that there are still more elephants to dance on.

Lisa Hagen’s award-winning Dancing on the Elephant screenplay:

  • International Screenwriters’ Association Fast Track Fellowship - Finalist (2017)

  • Table Read My Script - Finalist (2017)

  • Half the World Global Literati - 1st Place Screenwriting (2016)

  • Blue Flame Collective - Winner (2016)

  • Blue Lizard Competition - Winner (2015)

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New Hamburg woman wins international prize for screenplay

"I was inspired by my grandmother and her best friend," Hagen said. "It started off as a series of stories she told me – and she was quite colourful – and it kind of evolved into how we treat seniors."